What is Wood is Good?

“Wood is Good” is a forestry and log transport programme developed for primary schools in New Zealand and funded by sector groups and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

“Wood is Good” is a tailored array of activities, videos, publications and demonstrations that are delivered to primary aged students to educate them on the valuable benefits of forestry. These include environmental topics, carbon storage, climate change, wood products and how plantation trees are grown and harvested in our country. Local log transport providers and forestry company professionals will deliver these sessions at your school and talk about what they do.

View a log truck, talk about logs and trees, find out how forests are and cared for, find out how forestry is valuable to your community.

Make sure you also take advantage of the published book series “Fred the Forester” which informs students about forestry – great for classroom reading sessions.

Funded by Ministry for Primary Industries and the Forest Growers Levy Trust.


A great lesson about forestry and how the industry works in NZ. Superb leaders too! Thank you. Yeah, not sure about me driving that Kenworth though. I am a blind spot!!!

Port Chalmers School, Dunedin, New Zealand. May 2021

Great exhibit and the students were buzzing after the visit.  We have had parents tell the teachers that their child came home and discussed the blind spots, where they were and why they need to be avoided, so it’s great that the information is being spread to parents as well.  Thanks very much for the visit and we would be very happy to have you visit Paroa School again.

Paroa School, Greymouth, New Zealand April 2021

Our presentations were wonderful, students had such a great time – highlight was the log truck. The prizes for the colouring in competition are fantastic. Thank you for an amazing day for the students and teachers.

Hokitika Primary School, Hokitika, New Zealand. April 2021

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Why do we need Wood?

Trees have been harvested and used from New Zealand forests for more than 800 years. Our first forests were used for producing ship spars and to build many of our towns and cities.

New Zealand used to be covered in forests but it was cleared for farming and native timber used for building. However, today the forestry sector does not harvest our native forests. Plantation forests are grown and cared for over a 30 year cycle then harvested as a crop, to provide a sustainable product for construction materials, fencing, pallets, toiletpaper and packaging that we need in every day.

Forestry is the science and craft of creating, managing, using, conserving and repairing forests. And we love it!

Have a look around you….chances are you will see things made of wood that we grow in our forests….and as our future moves away from using coal, oil and plastics, we need more wood!

For ages 5 to 10 years old

For younger classes we can offer books reading “Where do the Pine Trees Go?” and “What is Climate Change?”.


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