Fred the Forester is a series of books developed in New Zealand to explain how the forestry sector works in our communities and how the industry contributes a sustainable resource to both the world and New Zealand economy. Themes explored and explained include climate change, environment and forestry, where our pine forests go in New Zealand, the types of careers available in forestry and some of the new technologies employed in the industry. Each book contains hidden wooden objects as part of the story that readers can identify as they read, and puzzles, facts and activities to be completed. Learn about biology in our forests, how maths works for measuring trees, and how climate change is influenced by tree planting.

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Am I a Farmer or a Forester?

Fred goes to his grandma and pa. On their large farm they grow both animals and trees. Lots of them! Fred helps with all sorts of jobs such as feeding, pruning, fencing and together with Pa, he builds something special in his amazing workshop! Get the book to see what it is! At the end of the book are some activities, puzzles, math challenges and craft activities.


What is Climate Change?

This story starts off with Fred in a big city, wondering how much the environment has changed. He goes on a journey to learn what Climate Change means and how trees help to reduce the impact. At the end of the book are some word puzzles, math challenges and colouring-in pictures.


Where do the Pine Trees Go?

Fred wakes up and discovers that the pine trees where he used to play outside his house are being felled and taken away. His mum and dad take him on a journey to show what happens to the pine trees after they are harvested and what they are made into.